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Job Title: Foreign trade sales

job requirements:     

1. College degree or above, major in Business English, international trade, etc.; CET-4 or above, fluent in oral and written English, communicate with foreign customers fluently; more than 1 year working experience in foreign trade is preferred.

2. Foreign trade experience of tablet PC, mobile phone, GPS and other digital products is preferred.


3. Familiar with e-commerce, proficient in operating Alibaba, global sources and other foreign trade platforms, can actively develop customers independently through the network.

4. Confident, careful, patient, persistent, hardworking, able to work under pressure, good attitude;

5. Lively and cheerful personality, strong development ability, good customer service awareness, communication skills and expression ability, good team spirit, strong self challenging spirit; 

Job Responsibilities:     

1. Do international marketing and promotion of products, participation in foreign exhibitions: collect foreign customer information, develop new customer

2. Customer maintenance: responsible for daily work with customers, sample and quotation, and recommend new products to customers regularly

3. Order operation: inquiry, quotation, contract signing, payment collection, etc;

4. Follow up customer orders, arrange delivery, provide customers with professional data and consulting services; after-sales service

5. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

Job Title: Advanced design for overseas market

job requirements:     

1. Major in art or related, college degree or above, good color sense and design sensitivity, good aesthetic ability.

2. Skillfully use AI, Photoshop, CorelDRAW and other software to make and modify pictures.

3. I can take pictures, fix pictures and make small videos. ,

4. Have good creative thinking ability and excellent comprehensive visual ability; have bold design ideas, have the courage to put forward their own creative inspiration, have ideas can be outspoken, can put forward their own ideas at any time during the project, can quickly integrate into the team.

5. Working with foreign trade team, English ability is preferred.

6. Foreign trade e-commerce art experience is preferred; vehicle electronic products or consumer electronic products experience is preferred.

7. Work actively, conscientiously and responsibly; self-learning ability, strong pressure resistance ability, able to adapt to the fast pace of work.

Good professional ethics; strong team spirit.

Job Responsibilities:     

1. Maintain and optimize the company website

2. Responsible for the shooting, image processing, beautification, design and modification of the main product drawings and drawings

3. Combined with the selling points of goods, make the publicity materials with pictures and text, aesthetic feeling and can arouse the desire to buy

4. Responsible for the company's product video shooting and post-processing

5. Be familiar with the operation of common online promotion channels, and be able to complete the website production of various online promotion channels, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Youtube, etc., including store style, banner design, image optimization, design and typesetting

6. According to the needs of foreign trade team, make product publicity map, poster design and video

7. Have a good command of English and be able to write all kinds of commodity copy

8. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders and other relevant departments

Job Title: Overseas marketing network promoter

Job Responsibilities:     

1. Skillfully operate online promotion platforms (such as Alibaba, global resources, Facebook, etc.) to upload products, optimize keywords of product information in stores, improve product information ranking, and provide product click through rate.

2. Timely understand and grasp the problems in the process of network promotion, and timely adjust the deviation and error.

3. Summarizing the rules of bidding ranking, sorting out bidding keywords and data analysis can effectively evaluate them, give a list of keywords with practical effect, and constantly expand and update them, so as to continuously improve the quality of data.

4. Have a certain SEO chain resources, can correctly analyze, review, suggest links, and constantly develop the external links and web sites.

5. Be able to maintain good relationship with partners and strive for more reasonable interests for the company.

6. Planning, construction, search engine optimization company website PC end and mobile end app, improve the website keyword ranking, traffic, user experience and conversion rate.

job requirements:     
 1. College degree or above, more than 1-2 years of SEO optimization experience.

2. In the promotion and activity planning and other aspects of unique insights (drainage, platform promotion and other peripheral website promotion).

3. Familiar with the relevant platform operation process and rules, and can skillfully use promotion tools, can operate the operation account independently.

4. Familiar with search ranking and optimization of related platforms, keyword strategy, background operation process.

5. Can summarize, statistics, analysis of promotion data, constantly improve the website search volume and weight, quickly make the right optimal adjustment scheme.

6. Work actively, conscientiously and responsibly; self-learning ability, strong pressure resistance ability, able to adapt to the fast pace of work; good professional ethics; strong team spirit.

Job Title: PE Engineer

Job Responsibilities:     

1. Be responsible for the investigation, handling, statistics and reporting of accidents caused by process technology, and participate in the investigation and handling of relevant accidents;

2. Organize, implement and check the safety technology training and assessment of production operators by each production unit;

3. Organize the safety inspection of process technology, go deep into the site, and solve the problems in process technology in time;

4. Establish the standard working hours of products, update the labor according to the rose or according to the situation, and analyze the production capacity;

5. Lead the new product introduction, determine the process operation standard, and estimate the production time;

6. Research and improve operation methods, analyze and propose rationalization of production tools, instruments and equipment;

7. Establish the capacity load analysis data of production equipment;

8. Formulate and distribute operation process, improve operation process, improve productivity and reduce cost.

job requirements:     

1. Major in electrical and electronic design, familiar with EMC and electrical insulation knowledge;

2. Familiar with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), cloth board, safety regulation and process, have deep understanding of power supply components, reliability and product process;

3. Master electrical, machining professional skills, master power electronic devices and control system related process design skills;

4. Rigorous style, with good teamwork, comprehensive analysis, innovation and problem solving ability, research and dedication;

5. Proficient in CATIA, AutoCAD, robcad, UG, office and other software is preferred;

6. Familiar with the acceptance standard of electronic assembly parts (ipc-a-610d), knowledge of 9000 quality system is preferred.

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